Monomen is a brand born from the idea that all men are unique, and that all men should have the opportunity to express their spirit.

In the nowadays world, things are going fast and it is always a challenge to be a part of it. It is a constant need to adapt yourself to the dynamic environment and affirm your position in it. Through our uniquely designed products every man would be able to differentiate himself from others and express his values.
Our designers find their inspiration in different fields, and most particularly in contemporary art and architecture.

Architecture is an evolving discipline that is constantly adapting to the geographical and climatic challenges imposed by all types of environment. Buildings must always be better suited to the movements and comfort of humans. It is a domain in which aesthetics, durability and functionality are key, and that is why this area is a boundless source of inspiration.

Concerning the modern art, it stimulates our creativity especially regarding the combination of colors, textures and forms.

We always visualize all the possibilities and strive to offer our customers innovative products. We believe that the quality must be felt down to the smallest detail of a jewelry that is why each piece of our collection is designed with a major importance to all the details. Our goal is not only to offer you an innovative jewel concept, but also and above all a durable and high-quality product.

We have the conviction that the small details make the big difference, and our products are made to allow you to create this big difference. With Monomen you will not follow trends, you will be the initiator of it.